Consulting and practical support are our business

Goldberg supports companies in the health and social economy with professional consultation on business, strategic and organizational issues.

Together with our cooperation partners, we offer consulting and practical support in the following areas:

  • Marketing (product and sales development in service businesses)
  • Communication, PR
  • Corporate Culture
  • HR and recruiting
  • Financing of start-ups
  • Strategic purchasing and logistics
  • Taxes (second opinion service)
  • Compliance & corporate governance
  • Data protection
  • Digitalization
  • Case management, reimbursement, coding in hospitals
  • Emergency services, emergency management
  • Sterilization in health institutions
  • Event management, keynotes
  • Seminars, e-learning
  • Media production
    And more

We operate in an interdisciplinary network of qualified experts with different professional backgrounds. We build teams out of this network that are able to precisely serve the needs of the respective customer.

Our consultants have many years of experience in their work areas, and rely on their own networks. Our customers benefit from a reliable way of working and the many years of professional experience of our consultants.

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